As we celebrate a decade of sustainability within Tex, this year is dedicated to achieving 360 degree sustainability

The year 2018 marks a decade of sustainable efforts. The goal is to achieve 100% sustainability on all three pillars of manufacturing - 3M (Machine, Material and Man Power). Tex has been supplying trims to global brands since 1987. The company has manufactured more than 500 million meters of zipper chain till date. If produced using sustainable practices this alone would have helped in removing more than 200 million post consumer PET bottles from the environment.


With all the technology and resources available today, We have set a vision of become energy neutral by 2030. Though it seems challenging but we are determined to bring all our stake holders together - supplier, customers and colleagues to work towards this goal.

100% Process Sustainability

This involves sustainable manufacturing practices such as using renewable sources of energy, responsible material handling - Reduce and Reuse, closed loop water management and others.

100% Product Sustainability

Tex is mapping its complete supply chain to ensure that all the products in company owned operations are sourced through sustainable practices. This includes but does not limits to using recycled polyester for making zippers.

100% Social Sustainability

Tex has pledged to 100% fair and equal wages for all the people involved in the supply chain. The company regularly conducts social empowerment training session for it work force.