Year 2018 marks a decade of efforts on sustainability by Tex

40% Waste Recycling

As a part of our commitment to circular economy, 40% of process waste generated during the process is being recycled and reused in the system

AI to track process wastage

Tex has started working on developing AI based waste management system. As a first phase of the project an online system that monitors the CTQ parameters has been put in place. This helps us in monitoring and controlling any wastage or leakages in the system

85% Water Reuse

As a first phase Tex has completed the installation of closed loop water management system in India production unit. As a result 85% of waste water generated by India unit is reprocessed and reused in the system

50 Sustainable Color Options

Tex is the first trim technology company to offer a wide range of sustainable plating colors. The company has been able to develop sustainable equivalents for 50 standard plating colors

100% Recycled Polyester Zippers

Tex has launched sustainable zippers made of 100% recycled polyester yarn. 30 post consumer bottles are removed from the system for 762 R.E zippers produced by Tex

Zero Effluent Discharge

Tex has implemented a zero effluent discharge system in its India production unit. No harmful waste water or chemicals are released in the water ways

P.A.C.E Training

Tex is proud to associate itself with Gap Inc for providing P.A.C.E training to its women employees. P.A.C.E is a flagship program by Gap to support women in global apparel industry

IIMPACT – NGO for Girls

Tex is proud to join hands with IIMPACT for the cause of providing educational opportunities to
girls from socially and economically disadvantageous communities of India, who traditionally have no access to schooling