Tex is committed to creating sustainable products

We are focussed on constantly innovating to produce responsible products that serve the sustainable fashion movement.

R.E Zippers - Recycled Polyester

Tex has taken a pledge to be the first zipper company to move 100% of its manufacturing to recycled polyester. The company has already moved 5.5% of its manufacturing to R.E zippers in 2018. Tex R.E zipper tapes are made of 100% recycled polyester yarn. For every 1Kg of recycled yarn 30 post consumer PET bottles are removed from the ecosystem. This further helps in making 700 + bottom zippers. Though the cost of making recycled yarn is higher than the virgin yarn but Tex is committed to further work on this technology and optimise supply chain to bring it at par with regular product.

Sustainable Plating Geo-Colors

The standard procedure for coloring metal components is electroplating. Though the process offers a wide design range options but causes two major problems for the
environment -
• Electricity Dependent - 2 Units are consumed for every 1 Kg of material
• Harmful Chemicals – The process uses cyanide and acid base chemicals for production

To find a solution to this problem Tex has designed a range of Geo Colours that offer sustainable equivalent to standard plating colors.

At Tex we believe that sustainability needs to go hand in hand with design. The team has developed a range of 50+ sustainable colours for metal trims ensuring that our customers can shift on sustainable equivalent products without compromising on design and quality.

Cotton Zippers

Tex cotton zippers are specially designed to meet stringent performance parameters. These cotton zippers can be dyed with the garment during garment dyeing programs. This helps in saving water required for separate dyeing of polyester zippers.

Re-Use Packaging Material

Tex has developed a special zip lock packet for zipper packaging. The company has established a reverse supply chain to collected the used packets from its customers.
The zipper packets are specially designed so that it can be used for 10 usages before requiring further recycling. Regular training seminars are conducted at customer’s premises to educate its workforce. They help us in collecting and returning these used packets to our logistic partners.